Weekly Hustle Planner



Seize every week with the new Weekly Hustle Planner. Keep track of your daily to dos, and get ready to achieve your dreams by setting your weekly goals and designing your process. Track your weekly habits, by noting how you feel everyday, staying hydrated and fit and giving back to the world. Plan your meals and track your calories. Reflect on your journey every week, by celebrating the success, noting the challenges, assessing yourself, evaluating your strength, reflecting on your goals, enjoying the journey, living to the fullest and improving for the future.

You'll get :
- 1 page and 2 pages (vertical and horizontal) weekly calendars.
- Weekly goals.
- Actions of the week.
- Weekly tracker (contains: mood tracker; Water tracker; Exercise tracker; acts of kindness tracker).
- Weekly meal planner with groceries list.
- Weekly reflections.
- UNDATED Sunday and Monday weeks.
- Front and back covers.
- 5 different colors : Black & white ; Blue ; Orange ; Pink ; Purple.
- A4 and A5 PDFs.
- Infinite reprints.
- Suited for 1-sided and 2-sided printing.