Goals, Actions & Reflections Hustle Spreads



With these Goals, Actions and Reflections Hustle Spreads, you can now make your dreams a reality. Get ready to achieve your dreams by setting your goals, Design your process by setting a concrete plan, and reflect on your journey, yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily, all in one place!

You'll get : 
- Goals sheets containing 3 goals, rewards and space to define what makes it important to you.
- Actions page, where you can plan the key steps and transform them into a clear strategy.
- Reflections spread to celebrate your successes and accomplishements, evaluate yourself, and rectify your short comings.
- All of the above designed for the year, the month, the week and the day of our choice.
- 5 different colors : Black & white ; Blue ; Orange ; Pink ; Purple.
- A4 and A5 PDFs.
- Infinite reprints.
- Suited for 1-sided and 2-sided printing.